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5th September 2014

1:01pm: Watching
There are places in the world that do not give a damn about how many bars or connection you have or if you can get a signal. They measure time in increments of weather, migrations and how the light reflects. They breathe with the cycle of their world and look at you as if you weren’t there, because soon you likely won’t be. They do not care that you are just passing through because you are only a shadow that will disappear with the next cloud passing overhead.

5th July 2010

6:10pm: Warning
When you say that you’re going to throw your fates to the winds and see where they take you, don’t be surprised where you end up.
We’ve generally unpacked and things are setting in. Postcard surroundings, but it’s odd to be able to see another country from the coast. I want to wish that I could say that I’m nostalgic for my old house, but I can’t. I miss the foundry and the opportunity to cast and build. Other than that the family is happy with the change and everyone is picking new paths that were not available before. So now it’s time to explore this new place.
Current Mood: tired

28th December 2009

10:57am: .

20th October 2009

8:26pm: Moving on further...
So who could have guessed how it would have worked out. The foundry is in boxes in storage (and that isn't saying much as some of it was given away in the move down here; but the essentials are here) and now we're headed outward. The moving truck is due in a few weeks and we're shipping (what we can) by truck and postal/package system, the rest is being discarded daily. The little one is excited and trying to pronounce all of the new words and the littlest one couldn't care less. We'll lie to him and tell him he was born there.
Current Mood: restless

9th July 2009

9:52pm: Moving on...
So, we're finally here. The house is in the hands of a family that loves it. At the closing they described it as their dream home and that felt like a good way to sell a house.
The foundry is in boxes along with most of our recent past life and we're concentrating on settling into the future. I've burned a few of the boxes but I haven't noticed a difference. New jobs, new titles, and new directions beckon. Anyway it looks like the next step is across the pond. We'll see where the potential job leads lead....
Current Mood: accomplished

2nd May 2009

7:38pm: Gone.
Current Mood: waiting

22nd April 2009

7:50pm: going...

23rd January 2009

7:36am: Le maître est mort
Henry C. Setter
(August 13, 1929 - January 21, 2009)

Henry C. Setter, age 79, of Carrollton, Georgia, passed away in his sleep on Wednesday, January 21, 2009, from complications of diabetes. Born on August 13, 1929, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mr. Setter attended Purcell High School in Cincinnati and the University of Dayton. He later attended the University of Georgia where he received his Masters of Fine Art graduate degree.
Since 1977, Setter was a professor in the art department at the University of West Georgia. He retired in 2000. Several of Setter’s sculptures are located in Carrollton, including “The Cotton Farmer,” University of West Georgia’s “Lamp of Wisdom,” the gravesite monument of Roy Richards, Sr. and “Pope John XXIII” at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church. His works can also be found at the University of Dayton. In his spare time, Mr. Setter was an active member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, enjoyed traveling and watching college football.

Setter is survived by his beloved wife of nearly 32 years, Martha Maggini Stenger Setter, and his step-children Jerry Stenger and wife Leigh of Savannah; Margaret Cash and husband Bob of Roswell; George Stenger and wife Claudia of Carrollton; John Stenger of Atlanta; Richard Stenger of Eureka, CA; and five step-grandchildren: Francisco and Maria Alejandra Stenger, Eleanor Cash, Sally Stenger and Sophia Stenger as well as several cousins and many loyal friends. He is predeceased by his parents William and Marie Setter.

Visitation will be at Almon Funeral Home on Sunday, January 25, 4 - 6 p.m. The funeral will be on Monday, January 26 at 11 a.m. at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the University of West Georgia Foundation, the UWG Art Department Foundation, Asera Care Hospice c/o 116 West Railroad St., Ste. C, Kingston, GA 30145, or the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

Messages of condolences may be expressed to the family online at www.almonfuneralhome.com

Almon Funeral Home, Carrollton.

Adieu Henry
Current Mood: melancholy

10th May 2007

11:25pm: 'Bout damned time
Finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally, we are ready to get this summer started. Every damned trouble and its cousin has tried to rear its ugly shriveled head but has finally been finally, definitely, absolutely and totally squashed. The german show was rough. F customs, et le francais aussi.

We are on the road to a fine summer of casting and have alot to look forward to. I've got 70 pieces to cast and a slew of little pieces. 3 or more casting will clear the tables, use up the supplies, deplete the reserves and put us almost to zero. That sounds like a fine place to finish. Then we decide the future. I've had an offer to buy the foundry entire and he'll even send the truck to pick it up. An interesting offer. Bugger apparently doesn't know what he's getting into. Then again there is the possibility of staying here. We'll see where the talking leads. Then again I could soak it in gasoline, set it on fire and have a marshmallow roast. I like that one.

Any one want to buy a house? spacious fenced yard....
Current Mood: busy

15th August 2006

9:57pm: and the guy said "Didn't we just leave this party?"

...yeah, it was funnier the first time around
Current Mood: drained

23rd April 2006

1:24am: One step beyond...
I find myself in the unenviable position of waiting for a friend to slowly die.
He has been my friend for several years and a mentor and professor for many more.
Now, he is being slowly killed by medical problems and gradual dementia.
We have never agreed on anything.
Our styles vary.
We think different things qualify as art.
We can't agree on technique, much less materials and the proper use of tools. We argue the importance of emotion in Art and the significance of religious iconography. He tells me my concepts of spirituality are immature and will change in time and I tell him he's stuck in an archaic religious perspective that will never change.
We have lunch and argue over the check.
We eventually agree that Killians is the best choice for the moment.
We continue to argue over the check.
I pay the check and and take him back to the studio.
Damn I'm going to miss him. (I would have said god damn but it would have offended him)

22nd April 2006

7:35pm: Looking peripherally forward
Trying to work out a list of everything that needs to be finished in the next few months and an interesting job comes across the emails.

Reproduce the Hellfire Club cross.Collapse )
Current Mood: hungry

11th April 2006

5:17pm: Here we are again...
So, here I am starting things up again.
The house is a shambles and the studio is packed so full that you can barely get through the door. But the decisions have been mostly made and that makes it much easier.
I think that we will be able to start and finish the last casting run before we shut everything down in the fall. If not then we'll continue until its done but the sooner the better.
Work has been much easier now that the dust is settling but the job itself is playing out. The other offers look good at the moment but I'm not sure whether to go ahead and accept or hold out.
Anyway, I've got a few months to work around here and then the big decisions will have to be made, no matter what else is happening.
Gonna be a busy summer.

8th September 2004

9:30pm: Pirate name.........Arrrr!!!
Iron Tom Bonney

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you are that person. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

27th May 2004

1:36am: And again......
And again.......

27th February 2004

1:40pm: Now on to bigger and better mistakes.....
It seems that the pour went as well as it could. Pouring molten bronze is a dangerous hobby at best but it looks like we have managed to finally get most of the process worked out to the point that we can now turn our attention to other things. Maybe we have exhausted the quota of mistakes available in any one process. We've certainly corrected enough of them.

Next I have to start the pieces that will be in the Art Center show in Feb. and then the IAG show soon thereafter. And update the webpage with the new items. Maybe I can get some of these "dark pagans" interested in the "dark lunar crowns" or something.
Current Mood: accomplished

26th February 2004

12:03am: Well we are finally on a schedule. The pour will be happening Friday morning at an obscenely early hour due to the (not so) hired help. Buggers will likely show up hung-over. Hell, I probably will too.

I can only hope that the libations will be held in check till (nearly) after the pour. Pouring whiskey and pouring bronze requires a steady hand. Preferably not at the same time. Well... perhaps at the same time; just make sure you know which you are doing at the right time.

Any prayers, chants and dispensations are welcomed.
Current Mood: busy

24th February 2004

2:00pm: Closer and closer.....and then boom
The first burnout seemed to have gone well but I won't know until I can thoroughly check the shell for cracking. Now let's see what the overshell will do.

Well, the overshell went out like a big ol' ceramic pinata. There's a particular "bhuffing" sound things make when they explode in the burnout, very similar to the sound ceramics make when they explode in the kiln.

Anyway.... we're planning to do the pour later this week. I'm sure there will be heavy drinking after - regardless.
Current Mood: disappointed

21st February 2004

12:51am: Almost and almost again.....
Almost done with the slurry process on the way to the bronze pour. I'm still very unsure of this new material but Ward swears by it and he's been using it since the seventies.

I've went ahead and begun to overcoat the last tree from the disastrous last pour in an attempt to reclaim something of the work put into it. I am coating the old shell with the new shell mix so I can attempt a normal burnout. It might work-it might not. It might completely crack to uselessness and it might hold together perfectly. It might also act as a sealant over the burning wax trapped in the inner shell and then explode much like a sealed pot pushed past boiling. I think I only have people willing to help me with this operation so that they can see the show and what will happen next.
Current Mood: contemplative

20th February 2004

2:44pm: "Nothing on the face of this Earth--and I do mean nothing--is half so dangerous as a children's story that happens to be real, and you and I are wandering blindfolded through a myth devised by a maniac."
--Master Li Kao (T'ang Dynasty)

13th February 2004

3:03pm: Almost there.....
Finally, finally, finally the mixer is assembled and working. Only took three tries. Although it is always entertaining to watch a weeks work come apart and throw parts all over the shop. Keeps the help on their toes.

Now onto the slurry coating and then the pour sometime next week. Should anyone have any suggestions as to prayers we could say before the pour let me know.
Current Mood: accomplished

6th February 2004

4:49pm: A look into the future.....
I spent the day helping my former sculpture professor put the finishing touches on his show at the community center. Next Feb. I will be doing a show in the same gallery. It was staggering the amount of work that the gallery space held. He has pulled in work from over 40yrs and dozens of places and the space could still hold more. I don't have a quarter of his work available and I've only got a year to prepare. Looks like I'm going to be very, very busy.
For him it's going to be a great show and probably a big crowd. Every political cockroach will crawl out of the woodwork for this one. This will be his first showing since his retirement from the University. It'll probably be a long night too.
Current Mood: intimidated

2nd February 2004

8:48pm: Thrice 'round the equator
We're finally coming close to doing it all over again. Almost everything is ready to start another casting run with the new equipment and materials.

I'm finishing the waxes and about to start the slurry and then we're on a deadline to cast.
Current Mood: busy

20th January 2004

1:50pm: General crap
I am feeling exceptionally bummed out at the moment. Had to close the business due to tax concerns, in debt up to my eyeballs and I'm spending money going back to school for another degree. Another 3 years before I can determine if that has been a good idea or not.

I'm surrounded by everything I have bought to run the studio and it just can't seem to break even. I blew a wad of money of a display show last year and it is proving my downfall. Too many bills and no orders. Too much going out and nothing coming in. Well, not quite true. Three orders in the last year. At this rate I haven't made in the last year what I spent last month.
Current Mood: drained

2nd January 2004

2:27pm: Rebuilding, rethinking, recasting, renaming....pt.2
On top of everything else we officially went out of business Dec. 31 due to legal concerns. We are now reorganizing and incorporating. Now we have to rename ourselves. The going thought is the name of the pheonix like creature that is reborn our of its own clutter. First it creates piles of stuff, mostly in the way of traffic, and then it emerges reborn and organizes everything and it rebuilds everything .
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