Aaron (orage) wrote,

One step beyond...

I find myself in the unenviable position of waiting for a friend to slowly die.
He has been my friend for several years and a mentor and professor for many more.
Now, he is being slowly killed by medical problems and gradual dementia.
We have never agreed on anything.
Our styles vary.
We think different things qualify as art.
We can't agree on technique, much less materials and the proper use of tools. We argue the importance of emotion in Art and the significance of religious iconography. He tells me my concepts of spirituality are immature and will change in time and I tell him he's stuck in an archaic religious perspective that will never change.
We have lunch and argue over the check.
We eventually agree that Killians is the best choice for the moment.
We continue to argue over the check.
I pay the check and and take him back to the studio.
Damn I'm going to miss him. (I would have said god damn but it would have offended him)
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