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'Bout damned time

Finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally,finally, we are ready to get this summer started. Every damned trouble and its cousin has tried to rear its ugly shriveled head but has finally been finally, definitely, absolutely and totally squashed. The german show was rough. F customs, et le francais aussi.

We are on the road to a fine summer of casting and have alot to look forward to. I've got 70 pieces to cast and a slew of little pieces. 3 or more casting will clear the tables, use up the supplies, deplete the reserves and put us almost to zero. That sounds like a fine place to finish. Then we decide the future. I've had an offer to buy the foundry entire and he'll even send the truck to pick it up. An interesting offer. Bugger apparently doesn't know what he's getting into. Then again there is the possibility of staying here. We'll see where the talking leads. Then again I could soak it in gasoline, set it on fire and have a marshmallow roast. I like that one.

Any one want to buy a house? spacious fenced yard....
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